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Business Informatics and Artificial Intelligence

Prof. Dr. Andreas Fink (Helmut Schmidt Universität Hamburg)


Decision support systems are computer-based information systems that are designed with the purpose of improving the process and outcome of decision making. This includes providing data to represent, describe and evaluate the decision problem as well as algorithms to aid in solving these problems. Depending on the kind of decision situation (e.g. with respect to structured vs. semi-structured problems with consequences for the degree of automation that one aims at) different approaches are suitable. This includes data warehousing and business intelligence, interactive decision aids, (meta-)heuristic search procedures, decentralized and agent-based coordination mechanisms, as well as further methods from the field of artificial intelligence.

Furthermore, there is the issue of supporting the practical implementation of such methods. This includes techniques for integrating quantitative methods within business application systems and coupling elements of decision support systems (such as data storage, solver, and user interface) within distributed systems such as the Internet/Web.

We invite the submission of original research contributions, theoretical papers as well as practical case studies, from this spectrum of topics.

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