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Environmental Management

Prof. Dr. Paola Zuddas (University of Cagliari, Italy)


The challenges of Environmental Management call for a strongly interdisciplinary approach, and Operations Research methodologies and techniques may play a fundamental role. Take for instance Land and natural Resources Management. It is an important component of local, national and also international policy. Operation Research may give a crucial  support to decision makers in the identification of the best compromise among people, economics, political constraints and environmental needs, in the shaping of the concrete objectives and in finding the path of action which is the most suitable to reach those objectives.

Recent European directives and national political decisions open new problems in environmental management, calling for new policies in resources pricing (water and energy liberalization) and in resources preserving and
restoring strategies (scarce resources repair).

Moreover, the many different sources of uncertainty in data identificatio make the decision process very risky.

Submissions involving one or more of the aspects of the Decision Process in Land and Resources Management are welcome. Of particular interest are issues such as water, energy, traffic congestion, etc. 

Papers which help closing the gap between academic research and real life decision making will be particularly appreciated.


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