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Quantitative Models for Performance and Dependability (QMPD)

Chair: Pof. Dr. Markus Siegle (Universität der Bundeswehr München)                                               

Mini-PC: Hans Daduna (Germany), Susanna Donatelli (Italy), William Knottenbelt (UK), Markus Siegle (Germany), Katinka Wolter (Germany)


In many ways, our society relies on the correct and timely functioning of large-scale distributed information and communication systems. We therefore solicit original contributions which address the model-based quantitative analysis of such concurrent systems, with the focus on performance, dependability, energy-efficiency, cost-optimal operation, vulnerability and safety. Systems of interest include parallel or distributed computing systems, web-based systems, production systems, logistics systems, wired or wireless communication systems, soft-real-time systems, safety-critical systems. The considered modelling formalisms are, among others, Markov chains, Markov Decision processes, Stochastic Petri Nets, Stochastic Process Algebra, (layered) queueing networks, fluid and hybrid stochastic models.

Both theoretical papers and practical case studies are called for. Reports on new modelling approaches, solution techniques, optimization methods, verification algorithms, data structures and tools are sought.

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