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On behalf of FICO, we invite you to a free workshop on:

Introduction to Xpress-Mosel

Tuesday, 31 August 2010, 3:00-5:30 pm                                            fico1.JPG
Hilton Munich City Hotel
Salon "Studer"
Rosenheimer Strasse 15, 81667 München


  • Introduction to Xpress-Mosel
    In this crash course we shall
    - present the Xpress product suite,
    - built up an understanding of the Xpress-Mosel model programming language, covering the topics
  • LP/MIP model development basics
  • accessing data sources
  • programming language features
  • examples of advanced modeling and solving tasks
  • Mosel modules and packages
    - familiarize attandants with the development enviroment Xpress-IVE,
    - explain the formulation of optimization models and help to understand their solutions,
    - show how to embed an optimization model within an application/solution,
    - give an outlook on advanced topics, including other solvers and solving tchnologies available for Mosel.

Registration information is available at .
The workshop is free of charge.

Walk ins are welcome!

We look forward to seeing you in Munich:
Susanne Heipcke, Lead Scientist and Consulant, Modeling and Optimization
Oliver Bastert, Senior Manager, Product Management, Xpress
Frank Häger, Account Executive, Optimization

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