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GAMS Workshop - How can I make this work ... arrgghh ?

From its beginning in the 1970 at the World Bank till today, GAMS, the General Algebraic Modeling System, has evolved continuously in response to more demanding user requirements, evolving computing environments and advances in the theory and practice of mathematical programing. This makes it a very powerful but complex tool with capabilities not every user might know about.
After an overview of the GAMS system we will present a few issues or questions our support team was confronted with and demonstrate specific solutions for them. At the same time we will discuss effective ways to approach these issues in general. We would like to include your issues & questions during the workshop and encourage you to send them to us so we can present them, along with our suggested solutions. Each issue/problem sent to beforehand and used during the workshop will be awarded a prize.

Tuesday, 31 August 2010, 3:00-6:00 pm

Hilton Munich City Hotel
Salon "Bialas"
Rosenheimer Strasse 15, 81667 M√ľnchen

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